About Us


Our names are Lisa and Jordan, and we are passionate bakers and best friends. We became attached at the hip in the 9th grade when we had to suffer through a computer class together and remained friends through all four years. We are currently in college but attend universities in different states. 😦

I’m Lisa, and I go to school in Mississippi. I’m a Chemistry major, avid runner, and barista. I grew up watching my dad in the kitchen, and he sparked the desire for me to begin learning about food and cooking. Some of my favorite foods include goat cheese, watermelon, iced coffee, and pesto… but not at the same time 🙂

I, Jordan, go to school in Texas! Its a long way from home but I love it. I am studying Elementary Education and Religion. In my house growing up, slice and bake chocolate chip cookies were a weekly tradition. At least one day a week my father would go into the kitchen and pull out the baking sheet. My favorite part was watching the dough become actual cookies in the oven. As I got older, slice and bakes turned into homemade cookies. The passion just kept growing and I am lucky to have Lisa to be my partner in crime! 🙂 My favorite cookie is obviously chocolate chip, my favorite food food is potatoes! Healthy… I know right?

The majority of our friendship has been spent shopping, eating, and baking, baking, baking, or baking. And if we are not baking, we are reading about baking on blogs. So we thought… Why not start one ourselves as a way to keep our baking connection strong while we are in different states? Both of us are intense studiers when it comes to school and baking is our outlet; therefore, this blog will serve as a way to keep us accountable for baking and not going completely insane in our studies. We are super excited to be able to share this passion of ours with all the other foodies out there 🙂


-L & J


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